About Saleria

Saleria is a privately funded research & development led technology start-up specializing in global physical security threats. We were founded to develop a breakthrough technology, Advanced Impulse Reduction (AIR), invented by a former NASA engineer, and the various applications of AIR.

AIR is a material optimization technology that allows multilayer lightweight materials to act heavier than they are and is customizable across blast threats so protective methods can be designed where existing technologies preclude them or generate sub-optimal solutions.

Since its founding, Saleria has continued to develop technologies, concepts and products to serve our mission including the patent-pending HardTac, the AIRwall system (comprising AIR and HardTac), Athene, Pandora and more. The company is headquartered in the U.S. with a science and technology arm in the U.K.


Key Business Areas:

Core Technology Development and Innovation

• Developing AIR technology to optimize performance, cost and production scalability

• Modeling AIR technology to customize solutions for various threats

• Developing HardTac to provide options scaled to ballistic threats

• Exploring innovative blast and ballistic technologies to further pursue our mission

Product Development

• Partnering with government and leading companies in the field to develop blast mitigation products

• Licensing technology for blast mitigation and ballistic applications

• Developing our own products and concepts from technological innovation

Blast Protection Advisory Services

• Utilizing our expertise to advise clients faced with engineering challenges of blast threats, certifications and testing

• Advising clients on blast mitigation and protection strategies

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