Saleria announces merger with Synthetik Applied Technologies to create integrated research and development company.

Synthetik Applied Technologies and Saleria today announced the successful conclusion of negotiations to merge the two companies. The transaction creates a global research and development capability that will offer risk mitigation solutions across numerous sectors including defense, security, insurance and energy. (May 2, 2023)

The new entity will trade under the name Synthetik Applied Technologies, maintaining the Saleria brand for its line of physical products.

Underpinning the merger are the synergies obtainable by combining Synthetik’s skills in computational risk analysis, insurance analytics and artificial intelligence with Saleria’s material testing capabilities and physical protection products. They will allow the integrated firm to design a wider and better range of risk mitigation more quickly in response to expanding global threats.

CEO of Saleria, Brian Watson, who takes over as CEO of the new company commented, “We are delighted to bring the Saleria product line and our materials expertise to enhance the success of Synthetik Applied Technologies. Together we will be better able to develop technology, products, and services that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We look forward to working with our private and public sector clients and partners to help build a safer world.”

Peter Vonk, co-founder of Synthetik, who moves into a new role as Chief Technology Officer, commented, “It makes perfect sense for the two organizations with a history of successful collaboration to combine into a world-class R&D company. The partnership will accelerate technology development in modelling and simulation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and physical protection, leveraging returns from existing offerings and speeding the identification and exploitation of new ones.”

Vonk is joined on the executive team by Chief Science Officer, Dr Jim Warren, who brings extensive technical expertise to Synthetik’s portfolio. “The technologies behind Saleria’s products will be significantly enhanced by Synthetik’s considerable risk and modelling expertise. This partnership will mean that we can be at the vanguard of innovation with the solutions and protection we provide,” said Warren.

Tim Brewer, Synthetik’s Chief Operating Officer comments, “We are thrilled to complete this merger, as the partnership creates new and unique opportunities for the team and propels the new combined entity into the next exciting stage of growth and success.”

The merger will continue Saleria’s healthy presence in the United Kingdom, which will be led by the new President of U.K. and Europe, Jason Blaylock. Blaylock says, “Combining the skill set of Saleria and Synthetik makes for a powerful and unique proposition that will benefit our customers in the UK and globally. The teams from Saleria and Synthetik know and respect each other, and I’m delighted to see the collaboration continue to create and deliver cutting edge technology to help mitigate risk.”

The new majority ownership group is led by Houston-based entreprenuer Chuck Watson, the former Chairman and CEO of Dynegy and co-founder and former Chairman of Twin Eagle Energy Resources. He will serve as Synthetik’s new Chairman and brings extensive experience building profitable companies and a robust network to support Synthetik’s growth.

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