AIRwall Blast Protection System


AIRwall is a lightweight, modular, scalable and rapidly deployable barrier system. It is comprised of two innovative patent-pending technologies: Advanced Impulse Reduction1 (AIR®) technology, a unique scientific method for the mitigation of impulse and peak pressure effects imparted during explosive events, and HardTac2, a novel, lightweight ballistic material. Both technologies are deployed in a modular framing system to create a ground-breaking solution against most common explosive threats.

Airwall’s versatility will deliver a significant capability enhancement to Defense in the Force Protection Engineering (FPE) domain. Saleria’s approach to the FPE challenge is unique within the marketplace, choosing to employ advanced materials science and energy management methods to deliver class-leading protection against blast, ballistic and fragmentation threats3 but at a fraction of the weight. The resulting product is a robust, lightweight and low-cost alternative to traditional protective systems. AIR technology has already been proven to deliver a significant performance delta over traditional approaches, enabling FPE solutions that can be deployed in a fraction of the time with reduced burden on operational, strategic and tactical resources and at significantly reduced whole-life cost. More broadly, AIR technology has numerous capabilities in Force Protection, Survivability, Counter-IED and Hazardous Material Storage.

1 US patent application no. 15/474,441

2 US patent application no. 62/972,583

3 Current AIRwall system offers protection up to 40lb TNT at 7.2I (15kg C4 at 2.2m with HardTac component tested to NIJ 0101.06 level III and AEP 2920, 17 Grains (1.1g) FSP at 3600fps (1100ms-1).

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