Modern criminals and terrorists are employing increasingly sophisticated tactics, often using explosive devices and person-borne IEDs, to target people and infrastructure. Traditional shields and armor systems do not provide protection against the damaging effects of close-in detonation of an explosive device.

Athene employs Advanced Impulse Reduction (AIR) technology to reduce the severity of the explosive blast experienced by the holder of the shield. Athene can be mechanically attached by a simple hook and loop system, e.g. Velcro®, to any ballistic shield. The Athene attachment will reduce blast impact, preventing injuries and enabling operators to survive. When not required, Athene can be detached from the ballistic shield and stored for reuse.

Athene is also useful during training as repeated exposure to low-level blast (breaching blast) is known to increase the likelihood of long-term blast-induced health issues. By reducing the amount of pressure experienced by the operator during training scenarios, Athene allows individuals to train while greatly reducing risk to their long-term health.

Third party verification completed by world-leading organisation GTD Engineering. HLCol. Geoffrey T. DESMOULIN, Ph.D., R. Kin. President and Senior Engineer, GTD Engineering said “if this technology were adapted to be lightweight and portable, its application in the field could be lifesaving.”

Athene Concept Tear Sheet PDF

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