OBEX is a deployable blast and ballistic wall system that employs two Saleria technologies, AIR and HardTac, both revolutionary advancements in reducing the effects from an explosive blast or weapon attack. The result is a lightweight, modular, scalable, and reusable system that provides blast and ballistic protection for the warfighter.

OBEX can be configured to form both permanent and non-permanent barriers. Quick and easy to assemble by hand with a small number of parts, it can be configured to provide perimeter, side, and overhead protection.

OBEX Spec Tech PDF

The OBEX system has wide ranging applications including the protection of forward operating headquarters, base camp protection, aircraft revetment, and compartmentalization of accommodation and critical assets. It has been vetted through the U.K.’s Army Warfighting Experiment and test-built by the United States Marine Corps.

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