Using knowledge gained in the development and testing of Advanced Impulse Reduction (AIR) technology, the Saleria team developed Pandora to contain small fires and explosions. Sponsored in 2021 by the UK’s Defense and Security Accelerator (DASA) to progress the concept to prototype, Saleria has developed two primary applications:

Battery Fire Containment

Battery fires from handheld items including mobile phones and laptops are an increasingly common threat. Saleria’s Pandora prototype successfully contained the significant heat from these fires. Enlarged, this application would also be suitable for the safe carriage of charged lithium batteries.

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Containment

Neutralizing the threat of suspect devices that could contain explosives was another important element of the Pandora project. If an IED explodes, Pandora is designed to contain the blast wave initially, then allow it to vent at significantly reduced pressure slowly and safely. In this form, Pandora is an ideal solution for airlines looking to enhance their passenger and aircraft safety, as well as reduce the number of diverted flights.

Saleria is currently evaluating partnerships with airlines and major box manufacturers. For more information, please Contact us.

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