AIR Blast Wall

Saleria’s blast wall system incorporating our signature A.I.R. Technology is a lightweight, modular, scalable & redeployable barrier system for use in a wide range of environments to protect high value assets. The self-contained system includes A.I.R. Tech blast panels, the modular framing system and chemical anchors. It can be set up by two people without specialized tools or equipment or any need to procure additional materials on site. It does not require specialized infrastructure for storage or transportation, and is waterproof, weatherproof and UV stable.

Key Benefits:

Lightweight – excellent solution when heavy, cumbersome bastions or materials are not practical and a mobile solution is required
Modular – standard 8’x8’ modules (2.44mx2.44m) with minimal components can be easily scaled
Reusable – dismantle & redeploy without degradation to the system resulting in low through-life cost
Blast mitigation performance – system acts heavier than it is, delivering 9 times the equivalent blast protection of concrete at 1/4 the thickness

Defense Applications:

Aircraft Protection – as a revetment to protect valuable aircraft from accidentally initiated explosives or enemy threat, the A.I.R. wall system delivers a solution that can be deployed without time-consuming construction or potential hazard to aircraft operations
Protecting Existing Structures – the hardening of buildings that need to be occupied in conflict present challenges when using traditional methods particularly in urban environments. The A.I.R. wall system eliminates the need for heavy equipment or winning fill material and allows for both quick set-up and take-down as requirements change.
Base Perimeter Protection – to protect a temporary base location, the A.I.R. wall system dramatically reduces the time and resources necessary for construction, allows for maximum flexibility should the need arise to change the base footprint, and is easy to remove at the conclusion of operations.
Compartmentalization – inside the perimeter it is often important to compartmentalize potential damage to personnel from attack, particularly indirect fire. Our blast walls have the the flexibility to be put up, taken down, moved etc. as requirements change while maximizing available real estate.
Entry Control & Vehicle Check Points – At entries to deployed base locations or along particular routes it is vital to protect these vulnerable checkpoints from IEDs. The A.I.R. wall system provides the best possible performance by weight to maximize your protection in the space available.

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