Lightweight, modular, scalable and redepolyable blast wall system that acts heavier than it is when faced with an explosive blast.

  • AIR Tech wall 1/4 of the thickness of a mass of concrete could withstand 6 times the explosive blast at the same range
  • No reliance on wining local fill, costly and time consuming construction, heavy lifting equipment, or special tools 
  • Low training burden
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Premium product delivering value across the full life-cycle of deployment
Meets requirements for blast protection in applications including:
  • Aircraft revetments
  • Hardening of buildings
  • Perimeter protection
  • Entry control points
  • Compartmentalization
Same modular framing system also optimized for structural cladding
  • Reduces blast impulse loading on the structure
  • Increased residual load capacity in structure after event
  • Non-construction retrofit alternative
  • Flexible, proportionate response to variable threat

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