Saleria Tests Blast Wall System at RAF Spadeadam

During the final stages of development of the first Advanced Impulse Reduction (A.I.R.TM) product, Saleria chose the DNV GL Testing & Research facility at RAF Spadeadam to carry out system tests on our proprietary, modular blast wall system. The system is composed of a steel frame supporting A.I.R.TM panels (each 1.44 m2) and was built for testing in a 2×2 configuration. The frame design exploits the unique properties of A.I.R.TM technology, which acts heavier than it is in the face of explosive blast resulting in a lower logistic burden compared to traditional barrier systems. The wall sections were manually assembled and anchored to the ground in less than two hours by a four man team using only hand tools.

In the series two tests were undertaken to provide experimental evidence of the system performance:

Shot 1: 15kg of TNT equivalent at a 2.5m standoff
Shot 2: 15kg of TNT equivalent at a 2.0m standoff

In each case the target was fixed to the concrete hardstanding using chemical anchors. The charge was aligned with the centre of the target and placed on a 100mm thick foam pad on top of a 100mm thick S355 steel plate, to prevent damage to the test facility.

In both cases the wall system maintained its structural stability, remaining intact and upright with all panel sections retaining their integrity and thereby preventing blast ingress.

Subsequent calculations show that an A.I.R.TM blast wall one quarter the thickness of mass concrete gives 9 times the resistance to explosive blast. In addition, application of the Hopkinson-Cranz scaling law indicates that an explosive blast of 15kg delivered at 2.0m produces an impulse dose roughly equal to 100kg at 7 meters, demonstrating an even higher level of expected performance against VBIED threats than anticipated.

Saleria Vice President of Science & Technology Dr. Jim Warren said “We set out to deliver the world’s most effective blast wall system in a lightweight, modular, scalable and re-deployable configuration. It is safe to say I am stoked at the results, which exceeded even my expectations.”

Saleria’s blast wall system is due to launch in first quarter 2019. Interested parties should contact the company at

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