We are a team of engineers specializing in creating protection solutions for defense and security. We identify opportunities for improvements in current protection systems, then capitalize on technology and material properties to design engineered solutions. We develop concepts through a series of testing, modeling, and optimization, to produce high performing, cost effective solutions that can be manufactured at scale.


Advanced Impulse Reduction (AIR) is a technology that reduces the damaging effects of explosive blast. It has many applications, from protecting people and spaces to the containment of a suspect explosive device.


HardTac is a cost effective ballistic material that has great utility across a broad spectrum in defense and security. Most notably, it can be used in the lining of structures and storage containers to keep people, equipment, and ammunition, safe.

The benefits of utilizing AIR and HardTac, result in designs that are lighter and thinner,
with improved protection, increased flexibility and reduced logistics. For more information, please Contact Us.

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