Advanced Impulse Reduction (AIR) technology is a revolutionary multilayered blast mitigation technology that uses a unique set of energy management strategies to decrease peak load and impulse on any structure subjected to explosive blast loading. AIR uses material optimization to act heavier than it is and is deployed in 4’x4’ blast panels.

AIR has undergone over 200 blast tests to interrogate the technology in the past 3 years.

• blast reduction properties of the AIR blast panel makeup tested at The University of Sheffield/Blastech (UK)

• models developed using data from The University of Houston and The University of Sheffield

• simulations undertaken by Synthetik LLC

• model validation tests at Southwest Research Institute

AIR Implications – “So what?”

Reduction in impulse:

• Acts heavier than it physically is – a standard AIR panel will deliver 9 times the blast protection of concrete at 1/4 the thickness
• Protective structure can be smaller
• Reduces shock breaching meaning we can accept contact or near contact charges

Minimization of reflection:

• Reduced pressure dose in enclosed blast scenarios


• Portability in security, defense and industrial applications
• Computer model developed with the University of Houston and Synthetik allows for simulation to design to specific requirements

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