HardTac is a patent-pending novel ballistic material that utilizes hard media encapsulated in a polymer matrix to provide a cost-effective fragment and ballistic protection solution. It is customizable with standard thicknesses of 2-4” (50-100mm) to stop a range of threats.

HardTac has been tested against a range of small arms threats at point blank range at Wiltshire Ballistic Services (UK). These ranged from 9x19mm to 7.62x39mm (PS) and 5.56x45mm (SS109/green tip). In all cases the system arrested the round. Saleria has, to date, based fragmentation design around a common 122mm rocket. These FSPs have been fired at HardTac panels and arrested at the likely design velocity for a near miss, using the Vproof procedure in AEP2920.

HardTac Samples Post Test:

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